New OpportunitiesArmy History Research Grants

Australian Army History Unit

The 2019-20 round of the Army History Research Grants Scheme is now open.

The closing date for applications is close of business 29 March 2019. The Flinders internal closing date is 15 March 2019. For application advice and assistance, contact Rupali Saikia, Research Grants Officer (IGII).

The Australian Army History Research Grants Scheme was established in 1993 to support and encourage research into the history and development of the Australian Army, both on operations and during peace.

The scheme is open to academic and non-institutional researchers, and grants are up to a maximum of $15,000 for one year. However, in order to support more applicants, grants of over $7,500 will usually only be granted in the strongest cases.

The intent is to encourage the delivery of well researched, factual work that produces one or more the following outcomes:

  1. enhances the understanding of Australian Army history;
  2. examines the Army’s development, performance, heritage, and contribution to the nation in war and peace;
  3. has utility to the Army’s current and future development and operations; or
  4. contributes to the professional military education of its members.

The Independent Assessment Panel seeks proposals that have a sound research basis with clearly defined goals. Projects should offer new insights into a topic, address subjects that have had insufficient consideration, or have little/no previous coverage in Australian military historiography.

Further information is available from the Australian Army website.