Flinders Research NewsHappy Holidays for 2019

Happy Holidays from Research Development and Support

2019 has been another year of forward looking here at Flinders. 

We have seen new research investment at Flinders with the announcement of $100 million investment over the next 5 years by our Vice Chancellor, Professor Colin Stirling. This has enabled initiatives such as the Research Infrastructure Scheme 2020, and a scheme that provides support for our early- and mid-career researchers intending to apply for an ARC DECRA or Future Fellowships or a NHMRC Investigator Grant.

New research platforms have been launched, including ResearchNow, the improved Research Manager Dashboard for finance, and ResearchNow Ethics & Biosafety - Animal Ethics for improved and time-saving management of animal ethics here at Flinders has been welcomed by our research community. In 2020 we will see the launch of the Human Ethics, and the Biosafety modules, as well as further improvements to ResearchNow.

The new Research Integrity Policy was released in 2019, adopting the revised Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018) in full.

This edition marks the last Inspiring Research for 2019. We will be back at the end of January 2020 to begin our transition to our new platform - Research Link. Keep an eye out early in the new year for information on the new platform - including the ability to search and to set discipline preference views for our researchers via OKTA single sign-on.

We wish all staff a happy and safe holiday break and look forward to seeing you in 2020.

New OpportunitiesAustralian Army History Research Grants now open

Australian Army History Unit

The Australian Army History Research Grants Scheme supports and encourages research into the Australian Army’s history and development both on operations and during peace.

The Australian Army and Australian Army History Unit values new research that identifies how Army specifically has approached challenges in the past, and which is accessible to both Army and the public. Grants are up to a maximum of $15,000 for one year.

Since its inception, the Scheme has supported over 300 applicants and has a strong track record of delivering unique research. 

If you are wondering whether a particular research proposal is suitable under the auspices of this Scheme, applicants are advised to pay special notice to the list of previous supported topics on the Australian Army website which will give a strong indication of the type of projects favoured by the assessment committee.

Applications close 13 March 2020. The Flinders internal closing date for a completed final draft application is 28 February 2020. For application advice and assistance, contact Mary Lyons, Senior Research Grants Officer (IGII).

More information can also be found at the Australian Army website.

New OpportunitiesFisheries Research and Development Corporation Funding - Call for Expressions of Interest


The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) is calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) that address research, development & extension (RD&E) priorities nominated by the FRDC’s Advisory Groups.

EOIs close on 16 February 2020. The Flinders internal closing date for a completed final draft EOI is 31 January 2020. For application advice and assistance, contact Mary Lyons, Senior Research Grants Officer (IGII).

The nominated RD&E priorities for investment are outlined in the document on the FRDC website and it includes RD&E priorities such as:

  • post-graduate student funding; 
  • coping with change; 
  • assessing the relevance of key coastal habitats and habitat-related ecological processes; 
  • aquatic animal welfare;
  • developing and adopting biodegradable seafood and bait packages, 

as well as people development opportunities including: 

  • enhancing research capacity in marine economics and social sciences.

EOIs that address multiple priorities are encouraged.

Applicants may also submit an EOI that does not address a nominated priority.

If you do wish to submit an application that does not address one of these priorities, it is recommended that you first discuss your research concept with the relevant FRDC Advisory Group contact. In addition, FRDC strongly recommends that all applicants consult with the relevant stakeholder groups and expected end users to ensure that research concepts has the support of beneficiaries. Support can be demonstrated through formal letters of support, in-kind contributions and project cash contributions.

Further information is available on the FRDC website.

New OpportunitiesAustralian Eggs - preliminary proposals now open

Australian Eggs

Australian Eggs is seeking preliminary proposals for projects commencing in July 2020.

Proposals that fit closely with industry needs, result from consultation with industry and are supported financially by industry will be given priority and preference will be given to projects that have funding inputs from industry. Proposals should represent a sound investment for Australian Eggs’ stakeholders.

The types of proposals available include:

  • research projects,
  • feasibility studies,
  • training,
  • dissemination of information,
  • provision of advice or assistance and
  • the publication of reports, periodicals, books or papers.

The topics of interest are:

  1. Testing the long-term efficacy (60 weeks +) of vaccines for production diseases, such as Pasteurella multocida, Newcastle disease. 
  2. An epidemiological study of Red mite and Lice; setting the benchmark for industry and suggesting management strategies associated with reduced red mite and lice burden in laying flocks 
  3. Investigating the options for range sanitation and determining the best methods for detecting, identifying and promoting good soil microbial populations 
  4. Reviewing current best practice for layer drinking water – studying the short, medium- and long-term effects on layers of consuming water with increased concentrations of sodium and chlorine 
  5. Economic assessment of investing in layer welfare 
  6. Comparative study looking at the different temperaments, behaviours and production characteristics of the brown layer, the white layer and the brown x white layer (including how do each respond to enrichment, stress events and comparison of rate of floor eggs) 
  7. Study of flock dynamics to better understand events that lead to pile ups and smothering; identifying movement patterns and potential intervention strategies. Ideal outcome would be a tool for producers to assess healthy/ unhealthy movement dynamics in real time 
  8. Review of layer production diseases emerging in other countries that have eliminated cage systems, exploring different production systems and management strategies employed in these countries to maximise production and welfare. 
  9. Identifying cost effective and practical ways to regenerate the range, understanding the benefits of various range cultivation strategies and the role plant probiotics could play 
  10. Ensuring water security for the Australian Egg industry; reviewing water use efficiency in the industry and identifying areas for improvement 

The closing date for submission of proposals is 31 January 2020. The Flinders internal closing date for a completed final draft is 17 January 2020. For application advice and assistance, contact Sarah Jay, Research Grants Officer (IGII).

To access a copy of the submission template, contact Sarah Jay

Seminars Conferences and WorkshopsAbstracts now open for the 2020 SA Allied Health Research Forum

SA Allied Health Research Forum

Abstract submissions are now open for clinically based allied health research projects that highlight clinical, financial or service delivery impacts or explore how the value of research can be communicated to stakeholders at the 2020 SA Allied Health Research Forum 'Communicating value, creating impact'.

This forum is an opportunity for allied health clinicians with an interest in research and quality improvement activities to learn about the breadth of research projects being undertaken across allied health in South Australia and for clinical researchers to showcase their work.

Keynote presentations and workshops will be offered, addressing various facets of allied health research such as how evidence-informed care improves patient outcomes, how to effectively communicate the outcomes of research and demonstrating the importance of clinician-led research. 

Applications close at 5pm Friday 10 January 2020.

Submission details are available at the SA Health website.

The Allied Health Research Forum will be held on 26 March 2020. Registration details will be available soon on the SA Health website.

New OpportunitiesNHMRC Special Initiative in Mental Health


The NHMRC will open a funding call in March 2020 to support the establishment of a $10 million national centre for innovation in mental health care, involving a multidisciplinary and nationally focussed team operating as a collaborative network across Australia.

The NHMRC Special Initiative in Mental Health will deliver innovative, high quality implementation research into improved health outcomes and outlooks for people living with mental illness.

Further information is available on GrantConnect.

We will provide updated information when the opportunity has opened.

Flinders Research NewsMedial Research Future Fund – Initiatives Currently Open

Medical Research Fund (MRFF)

The Medical Research Future Fund has recently announced grant schemes covering a number of research areas under the strategies and priorities of the fund. 

Details of the current opportunities, application agency and corresponding closing dates are found below. 

If you are interested in applying for any of the above opportunities, please contact the NHMRC and Health Research Grants team in the very first instance to discuss your application and internal deadlines.

Schemes with applications to be lodged through NHMRC’s RGMS system - Minimum data due 22 January 2020, closing 5 February 2020:

Million Minds Mission

Global Health Initiative

Emerging Priorities and Consumer Driven Research Initiative

MRFF Clinical Trials Activity - Rare Cancers, Rare Diseases and Unmet Need Initiative

Preventive and Public Health Research Initiative

Primary Health Care Research Initiative


Schemes with applications to be lodged through NHMRC’s RGMS system - Minimum data due 29 January 2020, closing 12 February 2020:

Cardiovascular Mission

Indigenous Health Research Fund


Schemes with applications to be lodged through Business Grants Hub, closing 3 March 2020:

National Critical Infrastructure Initiative


Grant Documents for each of the above schemes can be found through GrantConnect. If you are interested in applying for any of the above opportunities, please contact the NHMRC and Health Research Grants team in the very first instance to discuss your application and internal deadlines.

New OpportunitiesWebinar to support the Early Career Researchers Showcase - the chance to win $6,000

Collaborate | Innovate | 2020 banner

The CRC Association will be convening a 'Communicating Your Science in 30 Seconds' Webinar with the Centre of the Public Awareness of Science at the ANU and the Australian Science Media Centre, Thursday 30 January, 11:00-12:00 AEDT.

This webinar will underpin and support ECRs in developing submissions for the CRC’s Early Career Researcher Showcase.

Instructions on joining the webinar on the day are available online.


The Early Career Researcher Showcase celebrates good research communicated well, and the CRC Association want to hear from you. Showcase your research for the chance to win $6,000.

Tell them in 30 seconds about your research and you could win a trip to Canberra to present your work at Collaborate Innovate 2020, 25-27 May, the annual conference of the Cooperative Research Centres Association.

The five finalists will receive: 

  • A trip to Canberra with airfares, transfers, conference registration and all social events, including the CRC Association’s Innovation Showcase.
  • $1,000.
  • The opportunity to give a 5-minute presentation on your work at Collaborate | Innovate | 2020 for the chance to win $5,000.

Applications close Thursday 9 April 2020.

Seminars Conferences and WorkshopsCollaborate Innovate 2020 - 25 to 27 May 2020

Collaborate | Innovate | 2020 banner

The CRC Association is pleased to launch its next annual conference, Collaborate | Innovate | 2020, to be held at Hotel QT, Canberra, 25 to 27 May.

Business, researchers, postgraduates and investors are all encouraged to attend the most stimulating meeting on collaboration and research impact that will be held in Australia in 2020. The program is packed with expertise on how to access funding; the best ways of collaborating, how to avoid the pitfalls in intellectual property and protect design and social licence.

It is the ideal opportunity for researchers, educators and industry representatives to network with other innovation professionals, while gaining valuable insights regarding the nature of cooperative research ventures. 

For more information, including to register and view the program, visit the Collaborate | Innovate | 2020 website.

Flinders Research NewsFlinders Budget Estimator tools

woman using a calculator

Earlier this year Research Development and Support (RDS) launched new budget estimator tools to assist Flinders’ researchers prepare research budgets. The two tools are for: commissioned/contract research, or consultancies; and tied / competitive research grants, including category 1 grants (and other research where budgets are to be calculated on direct research costs).

Hosted on the Flinders’ RDS website, these downloadable interactive tools systematically steps users through research budget considerations and construction.

Commissioned or contract research budget estimator tool includes category 2 & 3 research such as request for tenders, quotes and other commissioned research. The budget is usually costed on commercial terms and research is often eligible (in full or part) for Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) purposes.
Consultancies include where individual staff are contracted to provide their expertise to a third party on commercial terms. Note that consultancies can also be counted as HERDC research income if it satisfies the definition of research.

The benefits of using the tied/competitive research budget estimator tool include: calculations encompass direct salary costs; on-cost rates can be easily adjusted; budget totals are summarised and available as both financial year or calendar year totals.

Together these two budget estimator tools will enable ease of costing for research and consultancies by our research community.

If you require assistance in preparing a budget using this Budget Tool, please contact your local College Research Support staff

If you experience difficulties using the tool, or require technical assistance please contact the Research Grants and Tenders team.

New OpportunitiesNHMRC Research Help Centre shutdown information


The NHMRC have advised that as part of the NHMRC Operational Shutdown Period, the NHMRC Research Help Centre will be closed from 3pm AEDT on 24 December 2019 and reopening  9am AEDT on 2 January 2020

You can still submit enquiries by sending an email to help@nhmrc.gov.au and your enquiry will be addressed from 2 Jan 2020.

The Flinders' NHMRC and Health Research Grants team will also be unavailable during this time period.

New OpportunitiesSTEM Women Changemaker grants to attend Catalysing Gender Equity 2020

STEM women changemakers

STEM Women is offering funding to support exceptional and diverse changemakers in the STEM Women community to attend Catalysing Gender Equity 2020, thanks to the generous donation by Professor Michelle Coote of her Georgina Sweet Fellowship.

These STEM Women Changemakers will network with leaders and influencers across the STEM sector, contribute to the development of strategies to achieve gender equity, share their knowledge and experiences, and champion the STEM Women platform.

STEM Women will cover costs associated with each changemaker’s attendance at Catalysing Gender Equity 2020, such as registration, travel, accommodation and caring support. The type of activity covered depends on the changemaker’s departure location.

More information about this initiative, the event and how to apply, visit the Catalysing Gender Equity 2020 website.

Applications close 9am AEDT Monday 13 January 2020.

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