Seminars Conferences and WorkshopsWhat's on in ienrol research - 5 to 20 December 2019

Proactively Supporting our Research

Book now at ienrol research to access Flinders’ researcher training and development opportunities. Workshops, information sessions, seminars and drop-in sessions aim to provide ongoing development and support to all researchers.

Key workshops in the next three weeks include:
   ResearchNow Ethics & Biosafety - Researcher Training and Support;
plus scheduled drop-in sessions that enable you to meet and work directly with our RDS teams.

Click on the links below to view the course details.

Drop-In Sessions: ARC grantsMonday 2 December 2019

Drop-In Session: NHMRC and Health grantsWednesday 4 December 2019

Drop-In Sessions: Industry, Government, International & Internal grantsTuesday 10 December 2019

Drop-In Sessions: ARC grantsTuesday 10 December 2019

Drop-In Session: NHMRC and Health grantsWednesday 11 December 2019

ResearchNow Ethics & Biosafety - Researcher Training and Support - Monday 16 December 2019

Drop-In Sessions: ARC grantsWednesday 18 December 2019


Further courses scheduled for later in the month and beyond are available at ienrol research.

Seminars Conferences and WorkshopsJoanna Briggs Institute 2020 short courses

Joanna Briggs Institute

The Joanne Briggs Institute offer a number of education and training short courses for clinicians, managers, educators, academics and students from the fields of nursing, allied health, medicine, information science and the health sciences.

Upcoming courses include: Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program; Evidence-based Clinical Fellowship Program; Clinical Leadership Workshop; GRADE workshop; and a range of online courses.

2020 dates are:

Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program - 17 – 21 February 20204 – 8 May 202020 – 24 July 2020, and 12 – 16 October 2020

Evidence Implementation Training Program - March – September 2020, and June – November 2020

Evidence Implementation Workshop - 9 – 11 September 2020

Clinical Leadership Workshop - 3 March 202030 June 2020, and 10 September 2020

Scoping Review Workshop - 2 – 3 April 2020

GRADE Workshop - 12 March 2020 and 15 July 2020

Tailored Training - Programs tailored to your specifications, scope and aspirations.

Keep an eye out on the Joanna Briggs Institute website for updates and listing of courses on offer and how to register for them.

JBI is an independent, international, not-for-profit research and development organisation based in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. At its core, JBI is concerned with improving health outcomes in communities globally by promoting and supporting the use of the best available evidence to inform decisions made at the point of care. This work begins and ends with the needs of those working in and using healthcare services.

For further information, please contact JBI at

New OpportunitiesMRFF - Endometriosis and Ovarian Cancer Research Grant Opportunities

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)

The Medical Research Future Fund, under the Emerging Priorities and Consumer Driven Research Initiative, has released the 2019 Endometriosis and Ovarian Cancer Research Grant Opportunities for funding in 2020.

The Emerging Priorities and Consumer Driven Research Initiative aims to improve the lives of many Australians with debilitating conditions by supporting or enabling high quality, collaborative and consumer engaged research focussing on improved patient care, new diagnoses and treatments. 

The objectives of these grant opportunities are to:

  • facilitate innovative, high quality research that will lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis OR ovarian cancer, and research that will address the gaps in research, leading to a better understanding of the causes and underlying factors that contribute to the development and progression of endometriosis OR ovarian cancer
  • facilitate consumer involvement in the design and evaluation of the research project (including participation in the conduct of the research) 
  • provide high-quality evidence for new health treatments and/or drugs (where appropriate)
  • enable rapid translation of consumer-relevant research into clinical practice, health policy, and/or health advice that will lead to positive impacts for consumers
  • encourage the development of multi-disciplinary research teams that deliver measurable outcomes that are a priority for consumers
  • encourage collaboration between research teams, policy makers, healthcare funders and the health delivery sector (e.g. education, community, industry and/or healthcare).

Applications for both opportunities must be submitted electronically using NHMRC’s online Research Grants Management System (RGMS) with Minimum data for applications is due 22 January 2020. Applications close 5 February 2020, with deadline for certification in RGMS by 4 February 2020.

If you are intending to apply to either opportunity, contact the NHMRC team in Research Development and Support (RDS) for information on application support and deadline for compliance review.

New OpportunitiesAustralian Marrow Failure Biobank (AMFB) Preliminary Applications now open

Maddie Riewoldt's Vision

The Australian Marrow Failure Biobank (AMFB) Preliminary Application, from Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision, is now open.

The Biobank Preliminary Application’s aim is to identify a facility with suitable capacity and capability to function as the AMFB homebase. The application is open to laboratories nation-wide.

The AMFB, an initiative of the Centre of Research Excellence in Bone Marrow Biology, will provide a premier data and sample resource that enables the undertaking of world class research into Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome. To date this resource has not existed in Australia and exists in only a few centres internationally.

Further information and the Preliminary Application are available at the Maddie Riewoldt's Vision website.

Applications close 31 January 2020, 5pm AEDT. The Flinders internal closing date for a completed final draft application is 17 January 2020. For application assistance and advice, contact Amanda Wright, Research Grants Officer (NHMRC and Health).

Flinders Research NewsFlinders' Research Investment Plan - Research Infrastructure Funding 2020

Flinders University

Investment in research infrastructure is central to building research capacity, producing high quality outputs, improving competitive grant competitiveness, supporting industry collaboration and attracting and retaining high quality researchers.

Flinders' Research Infrastructure Funding scheme, a component of the Vice-Chancellor’s Research Investment Plan, provides funding for research equipment and infrastructure. 

One to two-year funding to support the purchase of equipment or research infrastructure is available.

Applicants must be balanced or research academic staff members or hold academic status at Flinders University.

The guidelines and application form are available on the Flinders' Internal schemes page.

As all applications are to be submitted to the relevant College Dean (Research), please contact your Dean (Research) for the College closing date.

New OpportunitiesNext Generation Technologies Fund call for application – Cyber priority theme

Next Generations Technology Fund

Defence Science and Technologies Group have announced a new call for proposals and are seeking proposals from industry and academia detailing research contributions to the objectives of Defence in cyber.

Cyber is a priority theme of the Next Generation Technologies Fund, aimed at realising new technology cyber capabilities enabled by research and development in Australia. The Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF) is managed by Defence Science and Technology (DST). 

The five sub-themes associated with this call are as follows:

  • Cyber Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy,
  • Human Element, 
  • Trustworthy & Resilient Systems, 
  • Situational Awareness,
  • Mission Assurance and Threat Countermeasures and Effects.

A two-stage selection process is being employed. Stage one is a 500 word statement addressing the selection criteria. Applicants who are shortlisted will be invited to submit a stage two proposal in further detail.

Current and new collaborations with Defence Science and Technology are encouraged. Enhancing collaboration between universities and universities and industry is one goal of the NGT program and such collaboration is encouraged.

DST has provided an overview of existing areas of interest as well as outlining future project direction, further information is available from the Next Generation Technologies Fund website.

Proposals may outline research over a one, two or three year timeframe, however progress will be assessed annually and successful progress and milestone delivery is required to proceed each year. Current and new collaborations with DST are encouraged. Enhancing collaboration between universities and universities and industry is one goal of the NGT program and such collaboration is encouraged.

The external closing date for this call is 16 January 2020 (1.30pm), The Flinders internal closing for a completed final draft application is 6 January 2020. For application advice and assistance, contact Sarah Jay, Research Grants Officer (IGII). The Flinders' Research Tenders webpage provides information on the process to apply for Tender for Flinders researchers.

Flinders Research News2019 Research Training and development workshops- access online anytime, anywhere

training session

Is there a research training and development workshop in 2019 that you either missed or would like to watch again?

The Flinders' Past training and development webpage has a wide range of workshop recordings, presentations and related documentation available for you to access and view.

Covering a wide range of subjects central to the research process and doing research at Flinders, the recordings are clustered under 7 main themes:

  • Fund
  • Apply
  • Partner
  • Measure
  • Communicate
  • Publish
  • Ethics and Compliance

As these recordings are available exclusively to Flinders staff, a FAN and password are required to access these pages.

If you have any questions about Researcher Training and Development, please contact our team at

Seminars Conferences and WorkshopsNature Helmoltz Bioengineering Solutions for Biology and Medicine conference

Bioengineering Solutions for Biology and Medicine banner

The Helmholtz Zentrum München, the German Research Centre for Environmental Health, is inviting interested researchers to their new and interdisciplinary Nature Helmoltz Bioengineering Solutions for Biology and Medicine conference.

Taking place in Munich - Germany, on 24-26 June 2020, the conference will host Nobel laureates (Steven Chu, Aaron Ciechanover), globally recognised experts (Barbara Engelhardt from Princeton University and Robert Langer from MIT) as well as about 250 entrepreneurial scientists.

Bioengineering Solutions for Biology and Medicine will focus on interdisciplinary strategies and enabling technologies with the potential to transform biomedical discovery and accelerate the deployment of new medical solutions.

Early bird registration closes 29 February 2020. The call for abstracts closes on 30 April 2020.

Topics include:

  • Single-cell technologies
  • Imaging and sensing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Genome Engineering
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Microphysiological systems
  • Regenerative medicine

For more information, to register, and to submit an abstract, visit the conference website.

Flinders Research NewsResearchNow Ethics & Biosafety - Researcher Training

ResearchNow Ethics & Biosafety

ResearchNow Ethics & Biosafety is the new online platform for animal ethics at Flinders University. Two drop-in sessions are being held on Monday 16 December 2019 to provide support and assistance to Flinders’ research community.

All researchers and research support staff who have animal ethics approval or are intending to apply for animal ethics approval through Flinders are welcome to attend and get real time assistance from the University’s Animal Ethics Officer.

Please enrol now for one of the following sessions:

  • For researchers in College of Science and Engineering - Monday 16 December 2019, 10 am - 11 am - Room 2030, Physical Sciences Building
  • For researchers in College of Medicine and Public Health - Monday 16 December 2019, 2 pm - 3 pm - Room 1.04, Health Sciences Building

Please contact the Animal Ethics Officer, Dr Alison Elder, via or (08) 8201 5962 if you have any questions.

Seminars Conferences and WorkshopsResearch methodology online training available for Flinders' research community


Flinders Library has extended the University’s access to online quantitative and qualitative research methodology training provided through the Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis’ (CARMA) International Video Library Program (IVLP).

Over 150 recorded, high-quality lectures that address various aspects of undertaking research are available FREE of charge to Flinders’ staff and students. 

A full list of lectures and information on how to register is available at Flinders Library. More detailed information about the lectures can be accessed via CARMA's website. To register you need to use your or extension email address and register on the CARMA website

Any additional questions about the Video Library Program can be directed to Dr Pawel Skuza (Statistical Consultant, Flinders Library) at

New OpportunitiesMRFF Million Minds Mission - Suicide Prevention Grant Opportunity

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)

The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), Million Minds Mission, has released the 2019 Suicide Prevention Grant Opportunity for funding in 2020. 

The Australian Government has provided $8 million in funding over four years towards research into Suicide Prevention.

The objectives of this grant opportunity are to:

  • support innovative, high-quality, collaborative research that focuses on interventions to prevent suicide
  • promote effective translation of research into health policy and/or practice
  • foster and build workforce capacity and workforce capability
  • leverage collaborations between research teams, policy makers, healthcare funders and the health delivery sector (e.g. education, community, industry and/or healthcare)

Competitive applications will primarily involve interventions that will ultimately lead to the reduction of suicides in Australia.

Applications must be submitted electronically using NHMRC’s online Research Grants Management System (RGMS) with Minimum data for applications is due 22 January 2020. Applications close 5 February 2020, with deadline for certification in RGMS by 4 February 2020.

If you are intending to apply, contact the NHMRC team in Research Development and Support (RDS) for information on application support and deadline for compliance review.

Application documents are available on Grant Connect GO3283

New OpportunitiesPitch It Clever Competition 2020 - 2 minutes to get the world on board with your research

camera at press conference

University research has the power to enhance our economy, improve our societies and better the world. But how do you get the world on board with your research and the potential benefits it could deliver? You need to Pitch it Clever!

Universities Australia has opened its annual Pitch it Clever competition, challenging early-and mid-career researchers to talk up their research in a 1-2 minute video. The video should aim to persuade leaders from across the country to become champions for your research, which will build your research profile and reach.

Submissions close 23 January 2020 at 11.30 pm (AEDT). If you are considering applying please contact Dr Marina Delpin as soon as possible. Prizes and awards assist in building your research profile and track record of achievement. Contact Marina regarding this applying into this competition and other prizes and awards that match your discipline and career stage. 

Dr Sam Elliott, College of Education, Psychology and Social Work was the Universities Australia Award winner in 2019

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Robert Saint said Sam’s success in the Universities Australia competition "underlines the progressive methods and engagement of leading research being undertaken at Flinders University"

Pitch it Clever videos will be shortlisted by a panel of Vice-Chancellors and then shown at Universities Australia’s annual Higher Education Conference for conference delegates to vote on. 

Three awards are available in 2020 - the Vice-Chancellor's Award, the Universities Australia Award, and the People's Choice Award.

The Vice-Chancellors' Award features a $3,000 cash prize, plus return flights, accommodation and entry to the Universities Australia Conference, presentation of the award during the conference and an opportunity to meet Vice-Chancellors and other senior university executives. The prize also includes an internship with The Conversation. This includes travel and accommodation for a week at the Melbourne headquarters of The Conversation.

The Universities Australia Award features a $1,000 cash prize, and return flights, accommodation and entry to the Universities Australia Conference.

The People's Choice Award features a $500 cash prize. The prize also includes return flights, accommodation and entry to the Universities Australia Conference.

Pitch it Clever is being run through thinkable. To apply through thinkable, a researcher has to have been verified by thinkable. Verification entails registering as a researcher, and then authenticating your current organisation email, select your field/s of study, and provide details of at least one recently published peer-reviewed article.

New OpportunitiesNominations are now open for the Australian Space Awards

Australian Space Awards

For the first time in Australia, Space Connect has created an awards program initiative that will showcase the nation’s best and brightest space businesses and professionals.

Recognising the leading individuals and businesses driving the development of Australia’s space economy, the Australian Space Awards universally acknowledges all space industry stakeholders - from the major listed organisations and corporates servicing Australia’s space economy to SMEs, start-ups, academic institutions and associations.

The awards are open to all businesses operating in Australia supporting the space industry, including telecommunications, satellite, energy, mining and transport sectors as well as the defence, agriculture, disaster and water management industries. Winning a Space Award will be a desirable accolade for both individuals and businesses seeking to forge their role in the space industry.

The awards celebrate the best of the best in Australia’s space industry and will recognise the outstanding contribution of professionals and businesses working within the industry across 21 categories. These include:

  • Academic of the Year
  • Researcher of the Year
  • Scientist of the Year
  • Academic Institution of the Year
  • Research Organisation of the Year

Nominations close on 17 January 2020. The Flinders internal closing date for a complete final draft application is 20 December 2019. For application advice and assistance, contact Dr Marina Delpin, Manager, Researcher Development, Training and Communication.

For more information and to nominate, visit the Space Connect website.

New Opportunities2020-21 round of the Science Policy Fellowship program now open

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Applications for the 2020-21 round of the Science Policy Fellowship program are now open for early and mid-career scientists (EMCR).

The program provides EMCRs with the opportunity to work in a Commonwealth Government department, to learn about the policy-making process and to provide a pathway for scientists to become skilled policy practitioners. It is designed to strengthen the links between science and policy-making by producing both a scientifically informed policy workforce and a policy literate academic community. 

Successful applicants will be employed by host departments as policy officers for one year to gain experience in policy-making. Positions are available in a range of host departments in diverse policy areas such as future transport technology, social policy evaluation, STEM education, migration policy, space industry and the federal budget.

Feedback from participants in the program’s first round rated the opportunity very highly:

"A career pathway filled with interesting work and challenges… I am keen to keep on the journey that I have started."

"Contributing to policy decisions - I can see I’m able to have an impact."

Applications for the 2020-21 Australian Science Policy Fellowships are now open through the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science website. Applications close on 13 January 2020.

Further information, including a Factsheet, 2020 program summary, host role descriptions and FAQ are all available at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science website.

Please contact the Office of the Chief Scientist:, if you have further questions. The Australian Science Policy Fellowship program is an initiative of the Office of the Chief Scientist, Professor Alan Finkel.

New OpportunitiesResearch Integrity short survey for Australian academics

Compass pointing to Integrity

Research Ethics and Integrity staff at the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne are conducting a short survey of academics in Australia.

The purpose is to gain a deeper understanding about academic’s perceptions of the seriousness of breaches of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and which parameters most strongly influence these perceptions, with the aim of promoting consistency across institutions in managing breaches.

The target participants for the project are active researchers (including final year higher degree research students) across all disciplines. Participation involves completing an anonymous 10-15 minute online survey.

A Plain Language Statement contains more details about the project and your rights as a research participant should you choose to take part.

Please read the Plain Language Statement and if you agree with the terms, please participate in the survey.

New OpportunitiesThe Australian Academy of Science - providing opportunities for EMCRs through the Theo Murphy Initiative

Australian Academy of Science

The Australian Academy of Science provides assistance to empower early- and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) through opportunities to fund activities designed to support their careers. 

Applications to receive funding for the July 2020 - June 2021 round of the Theo Murphy Initiative (Australia) are currently open. The Theo Murphy Initiative supports activities that provide tangible benefits to EMCRs and ultimately further scientific discovery.

Proposals are open to anyone, but at least one person on the proposed organising committee must be an EMCR. Successful projects will be granted funding and the support of the Academy’s Secretariat, who will work with the organising committee, to deliver the project goals. 

The activities must aim to provide tangible benefits to EMCRs to support their careers and ultimately further scientific discovery. If your proposal is selected you will get the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Australian Academy of Science to deliver the activity, which includes funding of up to $50,000 per activity.

Activities can be held anywhere in Australia. Applications are open to deliver activities in the following formats:

Check out all the details and get your thinking caps on. Get inspired, submit your activity and help provide tangible benefits to EMCRs.

The AAS encourages you to check the FAQ and tips for successful proposals document. If you have any questions about the eligibility of your activity or about any of the formats, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at or 02 6201 9488. 

Applications close Sunday 15 December 2019.

Flinders has a comprehensive researcher training and development program. Please contact Dr Marina Delpin, Manager, Researcher training, development and communication, if you are interested. Marina is able to provide support and facilitate all applications by way of discussing ideas, bringing together a collective of EMCRs and working in conjunction with applicants to streamline activities, amass support and ensure University-wide benefit.

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